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                  Get 3 FREE quotes from TOP insurance carriers!


                  Get 3 FREE quotes from TOP insurance carriers!


                  Get 3 FREE quotes from TOP insurance carriers!


                  "The insurance that I had pulled out of my state and left me with just 5 days to find insurance. I called several insurance companies for quotes and no one was giving me much of a chance to get insurance in time. Theynot only got me a fair price, but I had a quote within hours insteadof days. In 3 days everything was business as usual. Very friendly, yet efficient group - I would recommend to anyone. Thanks again!"

                  Wesley Hood// Faith Logistics

                  Understanding Tow Truck Insurance Coverages:

                  Auto liability insurance

                  Auto liability insurance can help you cover the damages you're liable for if you get into a car accident and injure another driver - or damage their car. It can include bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

                  Physical damage coverage

                  Physical damage coverage helps you repair or replace a truck thats been damaged. There are different types of physical damage coverage, including collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

                  Garage liability coverage

                  Garageliability coverage protects you from damages that might happen because of the day-to-day work that your business does.

                  On-hook/In-tow coverage

                  On-hook coverage, also known as in-tow coverage, provides coverage for the clients car while youre towing it.

                  Garagekeepers coverage

                  Garagekeepers coverage protects you from damages that could happen to a clients car while its in your care, custody, and control.

                  Wrongful repo

                  Wrongful repo will protect your business if you do repossessions and accidentally pick up a car youre not supposed to.

                  Get 3 Tow Truck Insurance Quotes Now

                  New venture? Been around for years? Need a better price and coverages?

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