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                  OKR: The Guide That Explains Everything You Need To Know

                  Setting OKR gives every leader clear guidance on what to focus on during a given time frame. By adopting OKR, you can foster growth in your organisation.

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                  Design Thinking: Understanding the Method Behind the Idea

                  Design Thinking is the future. With it, businesses can really meet consumer demands and come up with the solutions that are user-centric.

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                  What is Scrum Methodology, Everything You Need To Know

                  In this blog post, I present a long article summarising what Scrum is. Here you will find everything that you need to know about Scrum.

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                  What Is Agile Methodology

                  In this blog post, I present a long article summarising What is Agile Methodology. Here you will find everything that you need to know about Agile.

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                  Do You Know How to Manage Organizational Impediments?

                  In this blog post Luis Goncalves explains how organisations can make Organizational Impediments transparent and suggest ideas how to tackle them.

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                  Matrix Organisation: An Organisational structure that destroys your company

                  The organisational structure is something crucial for the success of your company, this post explains why a Matrix organisation will destroy your company.

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                  As a Management Consultant he works with Senior Executives to implement his Organisational Mastery system so they can greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their organisations.


                  Luis Gonalves and his consultancy have now moved beyond Agile therefore all the trainings he provides are designed to impact your Product Development organisation in a wider scope.


                  Luis Gonalves is an international speaker. He speaks in several international conferences. If you want to have Luis Gonalves at your conference feel free to contact him.


                  Don't take my word for it


                  Lus is a creative, bold, intelligent and resourceful professional who can quickly impress in any team setup.
                  His eagerness to enhance not only the working environment but processes, solutions, products and services is simply inspiring.

                  Tiago Luchini Partner, Technology @ Work & Company

                  Luis is a very enthusiastic and open-minded person. While working with our team as an agile coach, he brought a lot of expertise, positive energy and ideas.
                  He does not focus on the methodology itself, but on effectively helping the team to reach their goals and improve

                  Krzysztof Adamczyk Co-Founder, Vice President of the Board @ FireTMS.com

                  Luis is a business focused agilist. I have seen him leading the delivery of a product involving multiple teams located in different countries. His strong analytic capabilities enabled him to perform some root cause analysis so that others could resolve integration issues on a complex software stack. I recommend him as a passionate team enabler.

                  Christophe Broult Senior Software Engineer Test @ Shutterstock

                  I met Luis at AgilePrague, and got the chance to talk with him about our shared concerns. Luis is articulate, intelligent, and passionate.
                  Luis has the courage to challenge conventional wisdom, using facts to back up his contrarian positions.
                  Im looking forward to working with Luis in the future. I personally recommend Luis as a speaker, coach, and consultant.

                  Fred Williams Founder @ Open Learning Center
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