• Create floor plan

                  DIY, 100 booths max, ExpoFP ad
                  • Create floor plans yourself
                  • Show available/sold booths in real time
                  • Search by exhibitor, category, booth
                  • Manage exhibitors, booths, categories
                  • Exhibitors manage their own profiles
                  • Embed into your website

                  full featured
                  • Reserve booths online
                  • Professional design based on your PDF
                  • Accept credit card payments
                  • Use Floor Plan Ads & Featured Listings
                  • Stand-alone "Exhibitors" page
                  • Priority support


                  Money-back guarantee


                  See what is available and what has been sold, in real time. Let exhibitors make booth reservations or actually pay for it with a credit card right from the floor plan.
                  Booth reservation/purchase process


                  Add, remove, merge and move booths yourself using our FP Designer and see your floor plan updated instantly.


                  Generate revenue by selling featured listings and floor plan ads. See how to make money with a floor plan.

                  Let exhibitors edit their company profiles themselves

                  No more endless exhibitor profile corrections. Each exhibitor is given an auto-login link to edit their own company profile. See Auto-Login.

                  Make attendees happy

                  Attendees can view the interactive event floor plan on any device and search by company, booth, or category. They can also see company details and bookmark booths without having to sign in. See demo or floor plan features.

                  Contact us

                  To contact us, use the form below or email directly to support@http://ouekpii.cn.
                  Or send us your phone number and the best time to reach you.
                  We can not respond to questions about particular events - please contact the organizers directly.

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