• New World Publishing

                  New Word Publishing LLC is located in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to provide a fast, innovative, high-quality, user-friendly, lower-priced academic exchange forum for scholars worldwide to publish their state-of-the-art research achievements.

                  From 2011 to 2018, New Word Publishing LLC has focused on providing computer science and technology research achievements to information technology communities worldwide based on 10 journals such as Journal of Communications and Networking. From 2019, New World Publishing will focus on more research fields and launch 8 new journals about physics, chemistry, material sciences, mechanical engineering, and medicine.

                  New World Publishing LLC welcomes scholars to choose our journals to publish their research achievements.

                  Our Journals

                  NewWorldPub publishes peer-reviewed journals across many areas of science, technology, and medicine, as well as several areas of social science.

                  Journal of Internet of Things

                  ISSN 2160-2271 (print), 2160-228X (online)

                  Journal of Communications and Networking

                  ISSN 2160-4258 (print), 2160-2441 (online)

                  Journal of Sensor Networks

                  ISSN 2160-3545 (print), 2160-3537 (online)

                  Journal of Dependable and Secure Computing

                  ISSN 2160-3596 (print), 2160-360X (online)

                  Journal of Computer and Communications Security

                  ISSN 2160-357X (print), 2160-3588 (online)

                  Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Applications

                  ISSN 2160-3685 (print), 2160-3693 (online)

                  Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing

                  ISSN 2160-3898 (print), 2160-388X (online)


                  ISSN 2160-3561 (print), 2160-3553 (online)

                  Journal of Software Engineering and Methodology

                  ISSN 2160-3901 (print), 2160-391X (online)

                  Journal of Principles of Database Systems

                  ISSN 2160-3669 (print), 2160-3650 (online)

                  Research Journal of Artificial Intelligence

                  ISSN Pending

                  Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

                  ISSN Pending

                  Journal of Chemical Intermediates Research

                  ISSN Pending

                  Research Journal of Polymer Science

                  ISSN Pending

                  Research on Chemistry and Materials

                  ISSN Pending

                  Journal of Energy Systems and Applications

                  ISSN Pending

                  Research on Modern Optics

                  ISSN Pending

                  Research Journal of Mechanical Engineering

                  ISSN Pending

                  Why to choose us

                  We will send back review results within 2 weeks and publish a manuscript within 3 months once it is accepted.

                  New Word Publishing offers competitively priced publication fees to attract more scholars to share their achievements to the world.

                  New Word Publishing journals cover a series of research fields such as computer science, physics, chemistry, material sciences, mechanical engineering, medicine, and etc.

                  New Word Publishing LLC was founded in 2011 and currently employs more than 20 employees. With the help of our academic editors from institutions worldwide, we focus on providing excellent and responsive service to our authors while preserving robust publishing standards and editorial integrity.

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